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宝马(进口) i8


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和宝马BMW i8混合动力车一起驾驭未来

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【海外车坛 环球动向】Driving the future with the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid。Supercar looks with an almost Prius-like mission。

Shimming beneath the stuning BMW i8's gullwing doors,and with a vivid blue light show waiting inside,you could be forgiven for a "Back to the Future" flashback。While this more than $136,000 four-seat sports car looks like a movie-set mock-up,it's actually real:a technically complex plug-in hybird that,at the flick of a button,can switch between vegan-firendly electric athlete and snarling,kick-ass meat-eater.

向下垫片式开合令人为之惊艳的BMW i8欧翼式车门,犀利的蓝色光芒置于内,你应该不会忘记记忆中那个“回到未来”的电影画面。毕竟这款标价为136000美元四座运行型跑车与电影场景的模拟很相似,但是这次它确实存在:采用科技型复杂插电式混合动力、在按钮一下轻轻一弹、就能在如素食主义者那么般温顺的电子运动员模式和如粗暴肉食动物者那么般咆哮的模式之间切换。


BMW's new "i" sub-brand,devoted to all-electric or plug-in hybrids,is currently represented by the small i3 EV and this soon-to-arrive i8 plug-in hybrid.BMW bills the i8 as a sports car for the future ,combining high performance and super-low emissions. It's also constructed with the maximum use of sustainable materials ,such as carbon fiber-reinforced plastics for the cabin structure and lightweight aluminum foundations beneath.It hits the scales at about 3,300 pounds. The i8 dropped in for a visit last week ,keeping company with our purchased i3 that's already in the Consumer Reports test fleet.

BMW全新"i"子车型(品牌),致力于研发所有电子或插电式混合的动力车型,目前已经被小型i3电动车所使用,这次将在即将到来的i8插电式混合电动车。在未来的市场计划中,i8被定位成一款高性能和低排放相结合的运动型车型。i8同时用大量可持续使用材料做架构,例如使用碳纤维增强塑料作为车舱结构、轻质铝制基础底板。上周我们对i8进行了测试,与我们购买的i3保持着测试同步(目前已经在“Consumer Reports”测试车队里)。


If the clean-supercar concept is simple,the mechanicals here are not .The rear wheels are propelled by a 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbocharged engine that cranks out an eye-opening 228 hp,and the front wheels are driven by a 129-hp electric motor.With separate front (two speed)and rear (six speed)transmissions ,this car is actually a pseudo all-wheel-drive car, but without a driveshaft between the axles.A7.1-kWh battery supplies the juice for the electric drive and can charge in about three hours using a 120-volt outlet.Electric-only range is said to be 15 miles, but when the drive battery is drained,the car can sail merrily along as a traditional hybrid for a further 300 miles at least .The EPA rates the i8 with 76 mpg equivalent on electric power and 28 mpg on gas power.


The i8 has three drive modes,each with its own use of the unique driventrain.At start-up the default mode is "Comfort",and if you go easy on the pedal you can traverse stealthily up to about 50 mph on electric power alone.


Tromp on the pedal and the rear engine roars to life,with a satisfying snarl no one would take for a three-cylinder.If there 's enough charge in the battery ,you can choose "eDrive" mode,which maximizes driving on electricity.Flick the shifter to "Sport" mode and the engine fires up, gauges switch from blue to red, and you now have access to both powertrains. Paddles by the steering wheel invite you to manually shift (sort of), including rev-matching when downshifting. This is certainly a treat, even if the sound is synthesized and piped through speakers. Here, the i8 does a trick other plug-in hybrids can’t: While driving in Sport mode, the gas engine recharges the lithium-ion drive battery and you gain electric miles for later use.

狠踩踏板后后置发动机拼命咆哮,这么令人满意的咆哮声,没有把它当作三缸发动机。如果电池有足够的电量,你可以选择“eDrive”模式,这样可以最大化发挥纯电模式下的性能。轻拨换挡拨片至“Sport(运动模式)”发动机点火后,仪表盘由蓝色变为红色, 这时你可以采用两种动力系统。被方向盘让你重蠢蠢欲动选择使用手动变速,包括在低速降挡时保持与之匹配的转速。这当然是一种享受,尽管噪声会从扬声器里传出来。这里,i8做了一个其它插电式混合动力车不会的把戏:当处于运动驾驶模式时,燃气发动机会为锂子驱动电池充电。


Handing is super agile in a way that only midengine cars tend to be ,delivering turn-in response that feels immediate .It was a gas(if that's the word)to carve through the twists and turns of our track.The ride is not plush but it's supple enough and certainly more pliant than ,say,a Porsche 911 or Chevrolet Corvette.The i8's curvy fins and straked body panels give it exotic super-car looks and attract attention right and left.But it's the up-swinging doors that will raise an eyebrow of even the most blase Connecticut Yankee passerby.

You'd better be limber if you want to haul yourself in or out of the i8 with dignity intact.You duck under that wing door,hurdle a high sill,and deftly hop sideways into the seat.Reversing the process practically takes powers of levitation.But,once inside ,you are treated to familiar BMW switchgear .Thin of the i8 as more of a 2+2 than a four-seater. A couple of kids can fit in the rear ,but just barely.The glass rear hatch covers a smll cargo hold .Fortunately,an array of cameras lets you know the car's position when backing up.Otherwise you'd be guessing due to the poor rear visibility.



The i8 comes in three trim lines,Mega,Giga,and Terra(as in "megabyte").A special introductory edition called Pure Impulse tops out at $147,450.Initialy,each BMW dealer will get a supply of three cars,which translates into sales of about a thousand cars the first year.


Much like the TesIa Model S,the i8 proves that an electric car can be really cool.Though its high price and complex mechanicals may confine the i8 to a very small market niche, that's almost beside the point .Fantasy looks,high performance ,low environmental impact,low guilt level,and a long cruising range make an argument that the i8 really is the car of the future.And unlike the sad tale of DelLorean ,BMW is out to prove that the i8 can be many things to many people.

与特斯拉Model S一样,i8证明了电动车确实很酷。尽管高昂的售价和复杂的机械配件让i8局限于非常小的市场,但这些都是无关紧要的。梦幻般的外表、超高的性能、较低的环境影响、较低的事故水平、较长的续航里程让i8当之无愧地代表着汽车的未来。与德罗宁悲伤故事不同的是,BMW致力去证明i8可以让更多人拥有,让很多人感到i8对于他们生活意味着很多。

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